About LSA Examinations

What are the fees for the Certificate and Diploma Examinations?

The fees as of 2013 are as follows:

Certificate - Interpretation part 1 £20 or free to current students (two weeks to complete at home)
Certificate - Interpretation part 2 £45 (four weeks to complete at home)
Diploma - see Diploma Page

Where do I go to sit the exams?

The papers are sat at home in August of each year. We recommend that you sit part 1 after Year 1 (Foundation Course) and part 2 after Year 2 (first part of the Diploma Course). If you wish to sit both together, you will be given an extra two weeks to complete the papers.

Is there a closing date to apply to take examinations?

The closing date for 2013 is 8 July 2013. Applications will NOT be accepted after this date. An application form is available online. Fees can be paid by cheque and we accept most credit and debit cards.

What do I expect after I have applied and paid my fees?

Once the Examination Secretary has received your application and fee, s/he will allocate you a STUDENT NUMBER which will be known only to you and the Examination Secretary.

Who will mark the exam?

Your paper(s) will be marked by TWO professional astrologers with experience of examination marking. At no stage will any of the markers know your identity.

How will I be notified of the results?

You will receive your marks by mail no later than mid October. Kindly note that EXAM RESULTS are final. NO CORRESPONDENCE will be entered into. Papers are NOT returned to candidates and we advise you to keep copies of your work, wherever possible, for your own records.

What are the marking grades?

At Certificate level, the grades are as follows:

Distinction 90-100%

Merit 80-89%

High Pass 70-79%

Pass 60-69%

Fail 0-59%

At Diploma level, the grades are Pass (60-100%) or Fail (0-59%).

What if I pass one paper and not the other?

If you fail a paper, you will only ever be required to resit that paper. You will never have to retake papers you have passed.

I have passed a certificate examination from another school, I don't want to have to go through that subject all over again...

All examination passes from other reputable schools will be credited fully and candidates will NOT have to retake papers (or even part papers) in subject areas that they have successfully passed before.